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How does the design process work?

Just send us whatever you currently use for promoting your firm (if anything) - brochure, logo, bios, firm profile, services, etc. You can send it via postal mail, email or fax. If there is a particular site style you like, direct us to examples on the web (they do not have to be sites we designed). Many of our clients have very particular ideas about what they want and others simply send us their list of services and let our designers take it from there. We work well in either situation.

How long does it take?

We will typically have a construction page up for you to review within 5 to 10 working days (or less) after receiving your information. If you are anxious to get a site designed faster than that, we have obliged firms many times in the past. Once you have reviewed the construction page, we will usually finish the site within a week.

What if we don't like the site you design for us?

We will scrap it and start over! As experienced designers, we know that site style is entirely subject to personal taste. We rarely destroy a site we have designed - we typically try it out on a different firm because we know that if we like it, someone else will like it as well. We will tell you however, that since we concentrate exclusively on CPA firms and know the industry well, our success rate at "getting it right the first time" is around 80%!

We already have our domain (ourfirm.com) registered with our local ISP and do not want to change our e-mail.

That's not a problem. Most of our clients keep their domain with their local ISP just for that same reason. You can keep your domain on a local server, yet have a website using that domain on any server around the world. We will handle that for you as part of the setup. Your e-mail service will never change or be interrupted.

If we go with your full service ($150 per month), how does the "free hour" work for website changes?

Anytime you want us to make a change to your site (adding an in-house newsletter, adding or subtracting new employees, services, etc), simply e-mail us what you want done. Some clients edit their own pages and e-mail them to us while others simply e-mail them in a word document. If you send us your changes in electronic format (word processing document for example), we can generally get them online in well under your half-hour time frame. If you have extensive changes that require more than one-half hour, we charge $50 per hour and will give you an estimate upon request.

We like your newsletter and other content, but we also like the website we already have or we have a client that designs websites. Can we still use your service?

Absolutely. We can either transfer your current (or future) website to our server or you can leave your site where it is and simply link in to a directory we will set up for you on our server for your specially designed content pages. If you are paying another company a monthly fee for hosting your site, however, we would recommend moving it to our server since our monthly fee is the same regardless of whether we host your homepages or not.

We design and maintain our own website in-house. Is there a way we can use your content?

Yes. We have several clients that merely download our content pages (calculators, articles, links and database pages) from a directory we give them on our server. They then take those pages and change them any way they like to match their site.

If we maintain a site on your server, will we have access to make our own changes anytime we want?

Yes. You can use our Website Manager program via the internet to download and upload pages, graphics, etc to your website 24 hours a day.

Is there a long-term contract we would have to sign?

Since we are an internet "management" firm for CPAs, we offer our design and setup charges free for new clients in order to encourage monthly management business. For that reason, we do require you to use our content service for one year. After 12 months, however, you are free to drop our service at any time and you own your website.

If you design our site and we later drop your service, can we move the pages you designed for us to another provider?

Any pages or artwork that we design "exclusively" for your firm will be owned by your firm and can be moved to another provider. Obviously, any content pages such as newsletters, articles, calculators, databases, etc. are copyrighted by us and should not be copied from our servers.

We currently have our own newsletter we send to clients. Can we add it to our site and, if so, at what price?

Not only can you add it to your site, but we encourage you to make your site as interesting and informative as possible to your clients. As long as you send the newsletter to us in electronic format (word processor document, etc.), it should take us less than half an hour to load it to your site and create a link. If you subscribe to our full-service, that half-hour is free. If you are an intermediate level subscriber, our minimum charge for a change or addition is $25 which almost always covers additions or changes of that type.

If we subscribe to your website service, can we reprint your articles in our local newsletter?

Absolutely! You "own" the rights to those articles in your market area, so feel free to reprint them in your local newsletter if you wish. That helps make our service even more economical for your firm if you currently use another newsletter service or take up valuable employee chargeable time presently on writing newsletter articles.


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