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Self-Employed Retirement - (July, 2007) Since many of our clients are self-employed, we are approached often regarding the establishment of retirement accounts.  Individual Retirement Accounts obviously limit you to only $4,000 which many small business owners consider insufficient when trying to reach their retirement goals. 

2006 Pension Protection Act
- (August, 2006) On August 4th, Congress passed the Pension Protection Act of 2006 ("PPA"), a package of sweeping reforms for employer-sponsored retirement plans. 

Catch-Up Contributions
- (September, 2006) If you're fast approaching retirement age and becoming concerned about the amount of retirement funds you have set aside, the 2001 Tax Relief Act held some good news for you.  If you are over age 50, you are allowed to make "catch-up" contributions to your defined contribution retirement accounts.