Mortgage Qualification

Ready to cash in your stock market gains and buy the house of your dreams?  Well, before you go sampling the waters at your local mortgage companies, you can use this quick little calculator as a guide to what the mortgage companies will allow you.  There are a lot of factors, of course, which will ultimately determine what your bank or mortgage company will allow, but gross income and current debt payments are the most heavily weighted qualifiers.


Instructions: Complete or change white entry fields (gray fields are calculated automatically). The calculator will automatically recalculate anytime you make a change to white field and then press the TAB key. 

Note: When making entries into the entry boxes only numbers and decimal points are permitted. Typing in dollar signs, commas, and other non-numeric characters will result in an error message.





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Purchase Information


Purchase Price:
Down Payment:
Loan amount:
Interest Rate:
Length of the Mortgage in years:

Payment Information


Principal & Interest:
Annual Property Taxes: 
Annual Insurance:
Annual PMI: 
Monthly association fees:
Monthly Payment (PITI):
Tax deductable portion of payment:

Qualifying Information


Gross income:
Monthly debt payments:
Qualify for loan?:
Maximum qualifying loan amount:
Current Income to Payment
    Ratio (max = 28%):
Current Debt to Income Ratio
    (max = 36%):


Longer term loans may take a few moments for the report to be generated.

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