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Current Issues
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The Home-Office Pitfall - When the IRS relaxed the rules on home office deductions many years ago, CPAs across the country were inundated with phone calls from clients anxious to "cash in" on their new tax break.   
Personal Tax

Over-withholding - Although it is now approaching the end of the year, we are going to address one of the chief frustrations of many CPA's - over-withholding by our clients.  We've heard your reasoning.  

Want to know how much your total tax bill is including sales, income, property, etc?  Try the AICPA's new Total Tax Calculator!

Business Strategy

Breakeven Analysis  - It is absolutely essential that each business owner do a breakeven analysis of his current or proposed business.






Today's National News


IRS Announcements

IRS Issues Reminder to do a Paycheck Checkup
Use IRS Withholding Calculator for Accurate Withholding Amount
Final Regs Issued for Contributions and Tax Credits
IRS Interest Rate Decreases for 3rd Quarter
Treasury Unveils Proposed W-4 Design for 2020
New Requirement For Businesses Seeking Tax ID Number
Nominations Sought for IRS Advisory Council
IRS Waives Estimated Penalty for Farmers & Fishermen
Passport Renewal in Danger If You Have Tax Debt
No Change To IRS Interest Rate For Second Quarter 2019
Businesses Urged To E-File Cash Transaction Reports
Avoid the Rush: Get Tax Transcripts Online
Use The IRS Where's My Refund Tool
IRS Issues Underpayment Penalty Relief For 2018
Change Guidance On Excess Business and Net Operating Loss Deductions
New Standard Mileage Rates for 2019
Be Alert to Identity Theft and W2 Scams

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