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Contract Labor - (December, 2007) Your company has just won a major contract and you are anticipating the need for some short term employees to get you through the crunch period.  Since these employees can work out of their home and set their own hours, you decide to pay them as contract laborers instead of placing them on the payroll.  Good idea?   Maybe not. 

Choosing The Right Retirement Plan - (November, 2007) As the baby boom generation heads closer to retirement age and the worries over Social Security begin to mount ever higher, many small companies are finding it difficult to recruit educated employees without offering some type of retirement plan. 

Business Owners Insurance - (September, 2007) Like a comprehensive homeowner's policy, a business owner's policy protects against economic losses caused by damage to the owner's property and by legal liability to others for bodily injury and property damage involving the business.


LLCs - (July, 2007) Over the past few years, we have been receiving more and more inquiries from clients about the procedures involved in setting up a limited liability company (LLC). 

Preparing For A Financial Audit
- (July, 2007) Most people think of an audit in terms of their tax filings with the IRS.  However, if you are a business owner who has borrowed significant sums from a bank or other lending institution or you have outside investors, you may well be aware of another type of audit - a financial audit performed by a certified public accounting firm.

Breakeven Analysis - (June, 2007) It is absolutely essential that each business owner do a breakeven analysis of his current or proposed business. A breakeven analysis examines the interaction among fixed costs, variable costs, prices, and unit volume to determine that combination of elements in which revenues and total costs are equal.

Classifying Employees - (March, 2007) Classifying your employees as either exempt or non-exempt is neither exact nor easy. The decision cannot be made arbitrarily, nor should it be made based solely on the job title or the way the employee is paid, i.e., hourly or salaried. 

S Corporation Salaries
- (February, 2007) We get a number of questions regarding salaries and S corporations. The issue is the payment of FICA. If you take a distribution from the S corporation, no taxes are payable since all the income is already taxed to the shareholders. 

Corporate Check Signing
- (January, 2007) A CFO was recently ordered to pay $45,000 to a company that brought suit against him personally when the check he signed for his corporation did not clear the bank. 



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