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Our Staff Objectives:

To attract and retain personnel that are ethical, motivated, educated, and bring to MQB the desire and skills to improve the services offered by the firm.

To develop a team which possess technical, social and interpersonal skills.

To foster an environment which enables individuals to set and achieve personal and professional goals.

To develop a system which encourages and supports the promotion and development of team members to positions of leadership within the firm.

Robert M. Gani, CPA, MT
Mollie C. Broussard, CPA
Jason L. Guillory, CPA
Greg P. Naquin, CPA, CFP
Billy D. Fisher, CPA
Joe G. Peshoff, II, CPA, CVA
David M. DesOrmeaux, CPA


Paula J. Thompson, CPA
Robin A. Conrad, CPA
Kyle L. Judice, CPA
Samuel P. Harrison, CPA, CVA



Suzanne H. Walker, CPA

Caitlin D. Guillory, CPA, CFE

Certified Staff

Kathryn L. Savant, CPA
Samuel Roy Finley, III, CPA
Jo Anna Waite, CPA

Full-Time Accounting Staff

Kay Aguillard-Pettefer
Beth Jones
Erica Griffin
Kristen Todd
Felix Navejar
Anya Eaves
Blake Pitre
Marie LeDoux
Mridu Pradhan
Jordan Martin


Support Staff

Debbie Dorman
Connie Carson
JoAnn Fontenot
Kimberly Richard
Lynda ONeal
Alex Smith
Martha Holleman
Michelle Burge

Part-Time Accounting Staff

Mary Hatfield


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