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Tax Issues During Divorce - To be quite honest, this isn't a topic we enjoy discussing with our clients, but divorce is a fact of life and it is important that both parties know and understand the tax ramifications of a divorce during the "negotiations" for lack of a better word.    More >

Personal Tax

Paying the IRS In Installments - Did you discover this year that you owed more taxes than you had anticipated?  Taxpayers who cannot pay the full tax due may set up an installment payment plan with the IRS.     More >

Business Strategy

Contract Labor - Your company has just won a major contract and you are anticipating the need for some short term employees to get you through the crunch period.  Since these employees can work out of their home and set their own hours, you decide to pay them as contract laborers instead of placing them on the payroll.     More >

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Recent IRS Announcements

It's Time To Review Your Withholdings
IRS Warns About Online Phishing Epidemic
New Reporting By Country on
Watch For Summertime Tax Scams
IRS Expands Online Taxpayer Services
Interest Rates Unchanged 3rd Quarter 2017
Spring 2017 Statistics Bulletin Available
Home Office Deduction is Often Overlooked
IRS Tips For After-Tax Deadline
Is It Really the IRS at Your Door?
IRS Urges Taxpayers to Choose Preparers Wisely
$1 Billion in Unclaimed Refunds for Unfiled 2013 Taxes

Past Tax Legislation

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2010
2010 Small Business Jobs Act
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act

Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

2007 Small Business and Work Opportunity Tax Act

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