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Classifying Employees - Classifying your employees as either exempt or non-exempt is neither exact nor easy. The decision cannot be made arbitrarily, nor should it be made based solely on the job title or the way the employee is paid, i.e., hourly or salaried. 
Personal Tax

The Nanny Tax - Remember "Nannygate" from a few years back?  You might think that, unless you are being appointed to the President's cabinet, the "nanny tax" isn't something you need to worry about.  

Want to know how much your total tax bill is including sales, income, property, etc?  Try the AICPA's new Total Tax Calculator!

Business Strategy

Executive Compensation  - A recent court decision demonstrates once again that the IRS is examining executive compensation with a critical eye and companies with potentially excessive comp packages had better be prepared to defend their position or face disallowed deductions along with penalty and interest.






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IRS Announcements

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$1 Billion in Unclaimed Refunds for Unfiled 2013 Taxes

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