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Understanding Your Credit Report - Almost everyone has faced it.  You go into a lending agency to buy a new car or purchase a home only to have questions arise about items on your credit report.   It has become much more common since the credit crisis.   More >

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Estimated Tax FAQs - Whenever one of our clients makes the big leap from "contented employee" to "stress-filled business owner," one of the first tax-related discussions we typically have with them concerns the rules for paying estimated taxes.    More >

Business Strategy

Business vs Hobby - Many individuals are moonlighting from their "day job" with a sideline business.  We have all heard the stories over the years of people deducting 20 straight years of losses on their horse farm business, but what about the guy who races stock cars or buys and sells rare coins?     More >

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Recent IRS Announcements

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$1 Billion in Unclaimed Refunds for Unfiled 2013 Taxes
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Past Tax Legislation

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2010
2010 Small Business Jobs Act
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act

Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

2007 Small Business and Work Opportunity Tax Act

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